Es ist uns bereits gelungen eine ganze Reihe von Firmenverkäufen erfolgreich zu realisieren. Hier können Sie sich mit ausgewählten Fällen und weiteren Referenzen aus unserem Wirkungsbereich vertraut machen.

Acquisition of building materials vendor

Sale of energy systems manufacturer

Sale of a manufacturer TRIDIF, obch. výr. společnost, s.r.o. (V817)

Sale of ELCHEMCo, spol. s r.o. (V790)

Wholesaler of hydrant and sanitary systems (V587)

Sale of 100% stake on PROFI-kompresory s.r.o. (V774)

Sale of special plastics manufacturer (V711)

Sale of wholesaler with spectacle frames (V775)

Sale of 100% stake on KALABRIA,spol, s r.o. (V792)

Sale of high-end hair cosmetics distributor (V723)

Sale of majority stake in BMB, spol. s r.o. (V601)

Capital investment to TENZOVÁHY, s.r.o. (V482)

Sale of franchise network of fitness EXPRESKA s.r.o. (V727)

Sale of 70% share on company KERI, spol. s r.o. (V730)

Sale of outdoor advertising media network (V481)

Sale of estetic clinic Esthetic Medical (V690)

Sale of Facility management company M + M servis, s.r.o. (V620)

Sale of manufacturer of CNC machines SAHOS s.r.o. (H151)

Sale of SUNOCO dealership in CR and SR

Sale of print shop Tiskárna u Národního domu (Asset Deal)

Advising on sale of publishing Motto

Sale of 25% of shares of hotel network

Acquisition of 90% share in Voinet s.r.o.

Since summer 2009 we have sought for Georgian telecommunications investor Hi-line appropriate domestic telecommunications services provider based on IP telephony. We have conducted negotiations with several operators. The process was successfully accomplished with the acquisition of 90% share in the company Voinet Ltd. in May 2010. Original associate stays with 10% share in the company and together with new strategic partner will cooperate on broadening of services especially in international calls.

Sale of company AG – project, s. r.o.

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