Prodej aktivit a majetku společnosti DoZnač, dopravní značení a cyklotrasy, s.r.o.

DoZnač is one of the largest players in the field of road signs in the CR. In line with the current consolidation in this field Doznac shareholders wanted to ensure better prospects for their business through gaining a background of a strong owner. It has been brought by the company SOMARO CZ, s.r.o. belonging to multinational construction group COLAS. Doznac owners asked us to represent them in the negotiations on price, transaction structure and legal documentation. In December 2007 the transaction was successfully completed with the takeover of selected activities and assets of DoZnač.
Ing. Václav Kaska, former associate of DoZnač: „I first led the negotiations with the investor and his advisor myself. Soon I realized that to achieve adequate terms of sale it is appropriate to use services of an experienced consultant, therefore I charged BusinessMarket to assist us. That decision has prooved to be very good.“


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