prodej 100% podílu na C-KLIMA PRAHA s.r.o. (H012)

C-KLIMA PRAHA is a domestic supplier of complex ventilation and air conditioning solutions with annual sales of over CZK 100 million and a long reference list. Within two years of working on the sale of the company BusinessMarket attracted several potential buyers from nearby fields. However the agreement was reached with two private investors who have so far worked in managerial positions of various companies. This step will enable them to engage in managing and developing of their own company on prospective market. Takeover of the company owned by six associates was completed in January 2007. The private investors joined with another company that participates on financing of the transaction and has thus become a third shareholder.
Ing. Petr Kohoutek, a former associate of C-KLIMA PRAHA: „The circumstances of the sale of our company were quite complicated and required a sensitive approach. Team of the BusinessMarket have mastered the task and identified candidates that bring a new perspective to our long-built business.“


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