Es ist uns bereits gelungen eine ganze Reihe von Firmenverkäufen erfolgreich zu realisieren. Hier können Sie sich mit ausgewählten Fällen und weiteren Referenzen aus unserem Wirkungsbereich vertraut machen.

Sale of high-end hair cosmetics distributor (V723)

Sale of majority stake in BMB, spol. s r.o. (V601)

Capital investment to TENZOVÁHY, s.r.o. (V482)

Sale of franchise network of fitness EXPRESKA s.r.o. (V727)

Sale of 70% share on company KERI, spol. s r.o. (V730)

Sale of outdoor advertising media network (V481)

Sale of estetic clinic Esthetic Medical (V690)

Sale of Facility management company M + M servis, s.r.o. (V620)

Sale of manufacturer of CNC machines SAHOS s.r.o. (H151)

Sale of SUNOCO dealership in CR and SR

Sale of print shop Tiskárna u Národního domu (Asset Deal)

Advising on sale of publishing Motto

Sale of 25% of shares of hotel network

Acquisition of 90% share in Voinet s.r.o.

Since summer 2009 we have sought for Georgian telecommunications investor Hi-line appropriate domestic telecommunications services provider based on IP telephony. We have conducted negotiations with several operators. The process was successfully accomplished with the acquisition of 90% share in the company Voinet Ltd. in May 2010. Original associate stays with 10% share in the company and together with new strategic partner will cooperate on broadening of services especially in international calls.

Sale of company AG – project, s. r.o.

Sale of KLIMAALIANCIA, s.r.o. in Slovakia

Sale of 25% shares of internet marketing company

First company sold in Slovakia (KRÁLIK, s.r.o.)

Sale of language school St. James Education Centre s.r.o. (H413)

We have previously assisted the language school St. James Education Center in acquisitions of competing language agencies (see information below). Due to that the company with sales of over CZK 30 mln. ranked among the leading national language schools in the area of corporate training. After consolidation of the company in 2008, we began to work on its sale. Its owners have mandated us to find a buyer and ensure a whole sale process. Despite adverse market situation we succeeded and in May 2009 the sale was concluded. Buyers are related companies Agentura SPA s.r.o. and Jazyková škola Spěváček s.r.o. providing language courses and translation services. This acquisition will move them to the top of the industry.
Roman Kačín, former associate of St. James Education Centre: „The economic crisis substantially complicated the sale process, nevertheless BusinessMarket managed to successfully complete the transaction and under given circumstances achieve very good conditions.“

Sale of toolshop NAF, a.s. (H400)

Company NAF is a traditional manufacturer of progressive dies for the automobile and electronics industries, with 35 qualified employees. After 12-years of building the company its shareholder decided to sell the firm due to health reasons. Already at the beginning of our sale endeavour a domestic private equity firm Uptown has shown interest in an MBO of this tool shop. Sale of shares took place five months later in August 2008 (excerpt from the commercial register). The new owner wants to continue in well esteemed tool-making for customers in other fields.
Josef Bartak, NAF ex-shareholder: „Working with BusinessMarket has quickly resolved the sale of my company. I am pleased that they have managed to find a follower in my business, who sees a perspective in tool-making.“

Sale of activities and assets of Chemoplast, a.s. (H222)

Chemoplast has sixty-year history in thermoplastic processing and manufacturing of injection molds. Production program in three branches in Brno and its surroundings consists mainly from production of plastic moldings for various industries, as well as children's toys with which the company came into widespread awareness. After two years of searching and communicating with potential candidates we managed to find investors, which through an Asset Deal in July 2008 took over all 90 employees, the production program with trademark and technology. The group of investors was led by Blue Elephant Company. Their intention is to expand prospective activities particularly in the field of technical moldings and to make the operations more efficient. For more information see press release in Hospodarske noviny.

Acquisition research for CIE Automotive

BusinessMarket cooperated with CIE Automotive in 2005 to assist its acquisition plans in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. CIE Automotive is one of the leading European automotive component groups listed on a stock exchange with already a strong presence in CZ. In the course of a two year cooperation we located and researched tens production companies and facilitated several negotiations with CIE representatives. Investor finally opted for other ways of expansion in CEE countries.

Prodej 100% akcií autosalonu (H172)

Prodej části podnikatelských aktivit společnosti H-info s.r.o. (H150)

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